San Juan County Area Agency On Aging

The San Juan County Area Agency on Aging is committed to promoting the dignity and well being of older persons-both as individuals within their families and in our communities. We respect the right to a quality of life. We are committed to a high level of professionalism and leadership in our work and to the community.

AAAs Serve Communities

One of the OAA’s (Older Americans Act) foundational principles is that the programs and services created to help support consumers in their homes and communities are customized to meet their individual needs. There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about AAAs or the services they offer their clients!

Roles of all AAAs: Assess community needs and develop and fund programs that respond to those needs; educate and provide direct assistance to consumers about available community resources for long-term services and supports; serve as portals to care by assessing multiple service needs, determining eligibility, authorizing or purchasing services and monitoring the appropriateness and cost effectiveness of services; and demonstrate responsible fiscal stewardship by maximizing use of public and private funding to serve as many consumers as possible.

All AAAs offer five core services under the OAA:

Elder Rights includes abuse prevention and long-term care ombudsman programs



Health & Wellnes

Supportive Services available:

  • Information and referral
  • In-home services
  • Homemaker & chore services
  • Transportation
  • Case management
  • Home modification
  • Legal services

Senior Centers

Offering Choices for Independence.” The San Juan County Area Agency on Aging is committed to promoting the dignity and well being of older persons-both as individuals within their families and in our communities. We respect the right to a quality of life. We are committed to a high level of professionalism and leadership in our work and to the community.

Services Include:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • SHIP
  • Legal Services
  • Caregiver Respite Care Program
  • Ombudsman
  • Alternatives Program
  • Medicaid Aging Waiver

Fitness & Wellness

Preventive Health

Blood pressure clinics are available monthly at the centers. Nutrition education will be available on a regularly scheduled basis or by appointment. Other clinics will be held periodically throughout the year. A flu vaccination clinic will be held each fall.


Senior Health Insurance Program. The Health Insurance Information Program provides information to help guide you in making decisions regarding your health insurance options.

Medicaid Aging Waiver Program

The purpose of this program is to provide an option for people 65 and older, who have medical problems, to live outside of an institution. The goal is to assist seniors who meet nursing home admission requirements but wish to remain in a home setting, to do so in a safe manner. It is different from regular Medicaid because it allows special income deductions to meet their living expenses, exempts income from spouse even if they are living with them, and has a separate formula for calculation of assets. Clients receive all of the standard Medicaid benefits as well as the additional benefits of the Aging Waiver. Medicaid will recover only the cost of actual care provided from the estate of the client. Medicaid does not take the entire estate.

Services Provided

  • Case Management
  • Homemaking Services (may include cleaning, laundry, shopping, meal preparation, errands, assistance with medical appointments)
  • Chore Services
  • Companion Services
  • Home Modification (on a limited basis)

The "Waiver" means the usual income limit for Medicaid is waived and an individual is allowed to keep additional funds for their living expenses in the home. The asset limit for Medicaid remains the same. A couple’s financial eligibility is determined under Spousal Impoverishment rules. A client must be age 65 or older, be a resident of the State of Utah and meet both financial and medical eligibility. The core service provided by the Aging Waiver is Case Management. A Case Man

Meals Assistance

Congregate Meals

We offer home delivered meals five days a week at the Blanding and Monticello centers, and two times a week at the Bluff and La Sal centers.

Meals on Wheels

The purpose of the Home Delivered Meal Program is to help older people, who are homebound, remain independent in their own homes by providing one hot nutritious meal per day. Two days of the week we have congregate meals at the center where Seniors can come and socialize together while they have lunch.

Elder Abuse Prevention

The Long Term Care ombudsman protects the residents rights in Nursing Homes, Residential Care facilities and Adult Foster Care by voicing and resolving the concerns which many elderly face. Ombudsmen help with problems about quality of care, food, finances, choice of visitors, resident rights and other concerns a resident may have. Ombudsmen receive complaints from residents, family members, facility staff or anyone concerned about the resident.

Transportation Services


There are buses available at all four centers. When you need transportation to the center, arrangements are made by calling the center near you. You are picked up and transported to the center and then returned home. One day a week the bus is available to take seniors places like the bank or grocery shopping. On occasion we will provide transportation to medical appointments.

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Respite Care Program

The purpose of the Caregivers Respite Program is to provide intermittent and/or time limited relief to caregivers of adults. The care receiver must be suffering from long-term illness or conditions where the level of such care giving responsibilities creates extreme stress and other sources of informal relief are not sufficient. The Respite Program shall be direct to caregivers or care receivers who are over the age of 60.

Utah Caregiver Support Program

The purpose of the Utah Caregiver Support Program is to provide information, assistance, support, caregiver training, respite, and counseling to caregivers of adults 60 years or older.

The Caregiver Support Program strives to help and support the efforts of family caregivers by providing a combination of services and information about available resources.

You are a caregiver if you...

  • provide direct financial support.
  • manage their personal finances.
  • do household chores for a person, such as shopping, cooking, laundry, and/or maintenance of their living quarters.
  • assist with personal care (dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting.)
  • provide assistance helping them move about.
  • provide transportation.
  • administer medication.
  • provide companionship by visits or telephone calls.
  • make or receive their telephone calls.
  • arrange for outside help.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are a caregiver.

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