Optum Care Network of Utah

Optum Care is a family of more than 52,000 doctors and 1,300 neighborhood clinics across the country. We work together to help over 20 million people live healthier lives. Our goal is to put each person on the right course of care. We do this by providing each patient with a care team that works together to meet the patient’s needs. Our doctors use proven treatment plans backed by the latest research. Together, patients and their care team can create a personal wellness plan. To us, success means the health and happiness of our patients. That’s how we’re helping to create a health care system that works better for everyone.

Services Offered

  • Provider Network
  • Primary Care
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Community Centers
  • Medicare Education
  • Care Management
  • Medication Management
  • Health & Wellness Education

About Optum

  • Our team-based care model allows patients to receive the undivided focus they need from their providers.
  • Our local care presence and national scale provide patients with convenient access to the care they need.
  • Our services across the continuum of care ensure patients can get what they need, when they need it.
  • We remove barriers to better health by simplifying the way patients receive care and navigate the system.
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