nCAP Pain Relief

Fitness & Wellness

Whether your pain is from stubbing your toe, breaking your leg, constant never-ending chronic pains, overdoing it, toothache, muscle knots or some other hard-to-say condition, the pain you're feeling is the result of one simple process: a message being sent from the location of the pain to your brain.

The more intense the pain, the louder the message. For never-ending pain sufferers, this constant yelling can overwhelm you, reducing your focus and affecting your overall mood.

In simple terms, nCAP Pain Relief turns down the volume of the pain message, allowing your brain time to send help and refocus.

By embedding billions of tiny high-tech capacitors into a thin flexible patch a unique pain relief property was discovered.

The world’s first nano-capacitive pain relief device was born, it’s simple to use, just place the patch "Between the Pain and the Brain" and your pain fades away in minutes. nCAP Pain Relief can help with every type of pain and discomfort known to womankind! The nCAP pain relief device utilizes “neuro capacitive coupling” technology in a thin, reusable, wearable patch. No batteries, no wires, no herbs, no sticky adhesives, no drugs and it’s fast acting!!

The nCAP pain relief device is a general wellness product that helps relieve pain, promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Regain what pain has taken from you; you have nothing to lose, try it today and if your not 100% happy with the results we’ll refund every cent guaranteed!

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