Medicaid Planning Services

Most people must face the difficulties of paying for long-term care and the complexities of the Medicaid system at the same time they are also having to deal with a difficult personal health crisis. Oftentimes, the health crisis is completely debilitating, leaving our loved ones to pick up the pieces. Knowing this, failing to plan properly can result in financial devastation, potentially costing thousands and thousands of unnecessary dollars. Our loved ones need help in this difficult time. Without effective planning, a patient or a family will end up paying more for long-term care than the law requires. This is especially important when the health crisis of a spouse unnecessarily drains resources that can be preserved for the healthy spouse by achieving Medicaid eligibility. To prevent this from happening most people turn to the services of a Medicaid Planner. Medicaid Planning Services exist to help protect our most vulnerable seniors from the abuses of a broken system. 

Our Services:

  • Income & Asset Assessment
  • Medicaid Plan Development
  • Medicaid Plan Implementation
  • Application Filing
  • Verification Process
  • Post-Eligibility Follow-Up

Our Objectives:

  • Educate families on their options
  • Help applicant qualify for Medicaid benefits
  • Protect assets for the spouse
  • Advocate on the family's behalf
  • Avoid losing assets to a Medicaid Spend-down
  • Avoiding divestment penalties 
  • Block estate recovery

We have successfully helped literally thousands of families navigate the already complex process of finding financial aid to help with long term care cost. At Medicaid Planning Services, we want to make sure that all of our clients' needs and goals are fulfilled. For that reason we provide varying levels of services that are based on one time flat rates to ensure that there are never surprises in our prices. We offer a free consultation for our first meeting.

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