Magna Kennecott Senior Center

The Magna Kennecott Senior Center is located at the former site of the historical Webster Elementary school resided for more than 50 years. The Magna Township is a community with a rich and colorful past. There are many participants who have lived in Magna their entire life. Many participants have worked at Kennecott Copper, and have a love for the community. The community shares a deep pride in their city and that passion and love is played forward to those who attend the senior center. The participants are welcoming, and they are very proud of their senior center.

The Magna Kennecott Senior Center provides opportunities for people over the age of 60 to improve their talents, enrich their minds, give service in the community, develop meaningful friendships, and help maintain physical health through good nutrition and exercise. 

The center offers a wide range of programs. We consider the center a place where participants can be involved in an abundant of classes and special activities. Classes are as diverse as Leather Crafting and Beginning and Intermediate Spanish. For those wanting to explore their creative side, the center offers opportunities in art, such as, ceramics, crafting, painting, and card making. We are proud of our health and exercise programs which include; Tai Chi, Restorative and Meditation Yoga, EnhanceFitness and Traditional Yoga, as well as a full workout room. The participants who attend the center are big into games; they enjoy Wii bowling, playing a variety of card games, Bunco, horseshoe, shuffleboard, billiards and more. 

As the center tries to offer programming geared towards participant desires, new classes and programs are always being introduced.

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  • 9228 W Magna Main St
    Magna, UT 84044