LogistiCare serves as a critical logistical link between people in the community and the health care services they need to stay healthy. Our culture is rooted in the values of delivering excellence and results, acting with honesty, integrity, fairness, and personal accountability because we understand the impact we have in changing members’ lives in fundamental ways. Every trip holds purpose and promise. We strive to leverage our collective strengths to deliver exceptional outcomes for members in a cost effective way that benefits everyone.


In order to take advantage of your health care benefit you need to get to your doctor’s appointment. Both state governments and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) know that overall health care costs go down when people have appropriate access to health care. Transportation can bridge the gap. LogistiCare helps keep people healthy by getting them there. States and MCOs hire us to manage their non-emergency medical transportation (NET) programs efficiently, coordinating with drivers, health care professionals, social workers, families and agencies. LogistiCare administers all the logistics of the program as a manager; putting the needs of members first.

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