Kellogg Insurance Marketing - Gordon Slagle

My name is Gordon Slagle and I have been a Licensed Insurance Agent from December 2006. When people ask me what I do, I like to tell them that “I SIT ACROSS THE TABLE FROM GRANDMA AND GRANDPA AND HELP THEM BY SPECIALIZING IN SOLUTIONS TO THEIR MEDICARE CONCERNS.” Being a Grandpa/Senior, I feel I speak the same language as most seniors, and can relate to you as well.

With 14 years in the insurance industry I am able to address your needs and concerns with answers to your questions, so you feel more comfortable at arriving with a decision. My promise to you is to always be there for you in the weeks, months, and years afterwards as well. I have over 40 years of experience in customer service and people development. This experience has allowed me to serve and continue to grow in what is already my natural service orientation. I am Licensed in Utah and Nevada while being appointed to and certified with the major carriers in both states. I complete annual certifications and have extensive training to remain informed of any and all Medicare changes and rules. I will sit down with you and consult, while listening to your unique situation to determine what options that you may choose from that fit “YOU”. This allows you to make the decision “YOU” feel comfortable with.

  • (435) 632-3430

  • St. George, Utah 84790