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We are a full service Medicare brokerage and educational resource. We can help guide you through Medicare basic education, all the way to appropriate plan selection and support. If you have any questions about Medicare or the products available in Utah, we are here to help you!

We provide one on one Medicare guidance, group presentations, virtual presentations and so much more. Always free consultations /services.

Medicare Product Overview


Medicare Supplements, also called “Medigap”, are a specific kind of Medicare plan that pay after Medicare. Supplements are designed to pay part of the cost share that Medicare does not cover. These are available in a variety of options (Labeled A-N). Supplements do not add additional benefits, and Part D drug benefits must be added.


Understanding Medicare can be challenging for anyone. Most people get nervous about asking for help, especially from dreaded insurance agent! Our goal first and foremost is to comfortably educate you about your Medicare choices. This is never at any cost or obligation to you.


Advantage plans work differently than Supplements. They are typically low cost, and include both medical and prescription benefits. They offer predictable co-pays versus Medicare cost share. Advantage plans are also where you find “extra” benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, over the counter (OTC), transportation, and other added benefits.


Some non-Medicare products can be helpful in creating a comprehensive insurance package. These other products include indemnity plans, which help you pay medical co-pays, stand alone dental, vision, and other plans. If your Medicare plan does not include these, you may want to add them as you see fit.


Medicare drug plans or “Part D” plans, come in a variety of forms from a basic plan to one with all the bells and whistles. Premiums for these plans can vary, so it is important to evaluate your medication needs, where you get them and cost share. We are happy to help and have time saving tools for this evaluation process.


When you enroll with us, you will have access to support at a local and regional level. If you have questions or concerns about the policy or your experience, we are there to help. Phone call, e-mail or text, we will be there to provide the assistance that you need.


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We are Utah based with a focus on Utah Medicare plans. National Medicare commercials can be very misleading, call centers can be confusing. We can help you clearly understand what you need to know about Medicare to make the best decision for you.

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