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Housing Connect’s properties are tailored to meet the specific needs of lower-income individuals—including seniors, recent immigrants, veterans, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and those who just need a chance to get back on their feet.

At Housing Connect, we believe that a home is a space that offers safety and comfort. Our homes also ground us, remind us of our deepest values and hopes, provide inspiration and motivation to succeed, and strive to better our lives and those of our families.

Housing Connect’s mission is to connect people and communities to quality affordable housing opportunities while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization.

Interesting Facts About Housing Connect

3,925 Households have access each month to affordable housing because of Housing Connect

1,207 Units of affordable housing are owned & operated in Salt Lake County by Housing Connect

$2,150,000 in rental subsidies is paid each month to landlords in the community by Housing Connect

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Call Housing Connect - Salt Lake County Housing

(801) 284-4400