EZLift Bed

Stop sleeping in your recliner simply because it is too hard to get in and out of bed. Our EZ Lift Sleep To Stand Bed takes you from a sleeping position to a standing position with a touch of a button. When you are ready to lay back down, the Bed will lower you back down to a sleeping position.

The EZ Lift Sleep Bed can also be used as a lounge chair. You can stop the bed while it is in a sitting position. It is perfect for reading a book or watching TV.

The head of the bed can also be elevated. This is perfect for anyone who suffers from snoring or has difficulty breathing due to a cold or allergies. A raised head can even help with relieving issues associated with sleep apnea.

What we offer:

  • Twin Sleep to Stand Bed. Best for anyone 5'10 or shorter
  • Twin XL Sleep to Stand Bed. Best for anyone over 5'10
  • White Glove Deliver and Setup Available


  • Bed price is $1699 without a mattress
  • $1949 with the mattress
  • Standard and White Glove Delivery are available

The only site in Utah the sells the Sleep to Stand Bed

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