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Using the power of Genetic Screening, healthcare has taken massive steps forward over the last few years. Your Genetic Makeup dictates who you are, what you look like, and also your health. Your DNA dictates what medicines will and won’t work for you. Also, your DNA can tell you if you are more likely to one day have certain types of cancer. Genetic Screening is all about preventative care.

Types of Screening We Offer

  • Hereditary Cancer Screening - Nearly 1,735,750 adults will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and over 609,350 will die from cancer this year. Many are diagnosed too late, so why would you risk waiting when you can find out now. 
  • Pharmacogenomic Medication Screening - This test tells you what medications are best for you based on your DNA and metabolism rates. The screening tests 151 different classes of medication to find the very best for you in that specific class.
  • Genetic Testing - Using the power of modern-day DNA testing, patients can harness the power of their genetic testing results along with their primary care physician to improve their quality of life.
  • Opiate Risk and Use Disorder Testing
  • Pain Sensitivity Testing

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