Dexa Body, Inc.

Dexa Body, Inc. was created 5-years ago to help you improve your health! We do this through the use of X-Ray (Dexa) technology to precisely measure human tissue. In particular, we measure Bone Mineral Density (BMD). And we do it exactly the same way they do in your local radiology/imaging center. But, here's the best part...instead of you having to take a day spending hours in the hospital, we can test you right in our office! And for groups of 15 or more, we can even drive our mobile testing vehicle directly on-site at any agreed-upon location for greater ease and convenience. We own and operate several hospital-grade DEXA tables (GE Prodigy), customized to fit inside our vehicles and calibrated daily to offer unparalleled precision, particularly as it pertains to the AP Spine and Dual Femoral testing site locations.

Participants also receive printed results, in-hand, within 10-minutes. Please note however, that we are not registered nurses or licensed physicians and as a result we are not at liberty to medically interpret individual test results. We cannot diagnose, prescribe, or share outcomes as per HIPAA guidelines. That said we would leave those important follow-up aspects to the expert discretion of your physician. We can also send your confidential test results directly to your doctor if that makes life easier.

We at Dexa Body understand how important bone health is, especially the older we get, and it's our mission to provide this essential service as conveniently, accurately, and affordably as possible. To schedule your bone density screening, visit our website or call any time. It's our pleasure to be a part of your wellness journey!


$125 per test. (HSA/FSA dollars accepted)

Services & Amenities

  • Hospital-grade bone density scan
  • Mobile, on-site group testing option for added convenience
  • No dietary or clothing restrictions
  • Friendly staff, comfortable testing conditions, safe testing environment
  • Printed test results in-hand within 10 minutes
  • Results can be confidentially sent to your doctor or personal physician
  • Medicare payment pending (coming in 2021)
  • In-office testing available (Dexa headquarters, Holladay UT)
  • (801) 274-3392
  • 2046 E Murray Holladay Rd Ste 201
    Salt Lake City, UT 84117