Looking for Peace of Mind?

Care.Life offers a 24/7 passive monitor system.

No Wearables or Buttons!

Our system monitors movement activity, fall detection, breathing rate, heart rate, sleep data, air quality, temperature, and more. All displayed on our easy-to-use handheld tablet.  

Family members and caretakers can view the information through our website from anywhere. Family members can also receive 24/7 alerts to their phone such as changes in routine, fall detection or an abnormally high household temperature. Our service provides you and your family peace of mind.

Our Products:


Our radar monitors are Installed in sensitive areas of the home. No wearables, No Cameras. It monitors activity, fall detection, and presence. If an accident occurs up to 4 selected individuals will automatically be notified by phone.


A device that lives under the mattress providing access to data such as average heart rate, breathing rate, sleep duration, bed exits, and sleep score.


Monitors the home air quality while also removing odors, molds, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Our true HEPA filters remove 99.97% of all airborne particles, and sterilizes the rest with UV-C disinfection light. We replace the filters for you every 3 Months as part of our service at no extra cost over the life of your service.


An upgrade to your existing light switches. They operate as normal, and can also be remotely controlled. 


An Easy-To-Use tablet provided to the aging Individual with access to Smart Home Features such as thermostat control, lights control, air purifier control, and health data.


Shared to trusted family and friends through our web portal accessible anywhere,

users can view 24/7 alerts such as changes in routine, fall detection or an abnormally high household temperature. This access allows for peace of mind to both the user and their aging loved one.


$300 Installation and $45 a week, includes maintenance every 3 months! We schedule a time to come and replace your filters, educate you on your system, and ensure your services are performing perfectly. All Included in your weekly cost.

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