Autumn Care

Here at Autumn Care, we strive to provide the best care possible through top of the line facilities and the best trained staff in Cache Valley. We believe that smaller facilities create a more intimate home environment than large corporate sized buildings.

Top Notch Staff

We make it a top priority to seek out and find Cache Valley’s best certified and licensed health care workers. We ensure that they are not only technically qualified but are gifted at serving our residents and establishing trusting relationships.

Smaller is Better

Our staff spends more intimate time working with our residents rather than being shuffled among numerous residents. Our residents feel more at home with a smaller facility and easy access to our staff when they need it.

Home Atmosphere

No large wings, or multiple floors here. Each facility has a capacity of 16 residents with a central living room, kitchen, salon, and dining area. Our facility layout, decorating, and architecture combine to feel more like a home and less like a hospital or nursing home. In this atmosphere our residents feel right at home.

Closer Relationships

Because we are smaller, our staff gets to know each of our residents personally and can better respond to their individual wants and needs. This facilitates a greater bonds between our staff and residents. Our residents feel comfortable because they see the same faces every day.

Our Rooms

Each private room includes a personal bathroom with a walk in shower and an organized closet. The rooms can be decorated and customized according to your loved one’s needs and tastes. They also come with free WiFi internet and TV services. If you would like to have a private phone in your room we can assist you with making arrangements for that as well (most times you can even keep your own phone number).

Kitchen and Dining

Autumn Care's cook consults with a dietitian when creating our menu. Together they achieve a menu that is both delicious and tailored to the needs of our residents. Residents may request customized meals for any reason. Our meals are scheduled 3 times a day. We also provide snacks 3 times a day, and offer fluids around the clock to prevent dehydration.

Living Room

Our living room includes numerous recliners, chairs and other furniture for your loved ones to relax in. A large big screen TV is provided that is wired into a top of the line sound system for our residents to watch movies, sports, and television. The Living Room is also the area where our activity coordinators schedules games and other fun activities for our residents to participate in. This is also the location for religious services each week, that residents and loved ones are invited to attend at their leisure.


$3,900-$4,300 depending on level of care. Our cost is all-inclusive!

It’s not our goal to replace your family. We strive to supplement and provide the empathy and compassion your loved ones are accustomed to. We will communicate with you regarding your loved one and will seek and follow your counsel on how best to provide for their wants and needs. We know we can provide the best care when the care plan is jointly developed, managed, and monitored by your family members, your chosen physician, and our care team.

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