Assisted Living Locators - Wasatch

Finding an appropriate senior living community is extremely difficult. The senior, or more likely the senior's spouse and/or children, can spend literally dozens of hours on the Internet trying to find the right community. If the senior needs memory care or long-term medical care, the search becomes orders of magnitude more difficult. Assisted Living Locators - Wasatch exists to bridge the information gap and alleviate all the stress normally inherent in finding an appropriate senior living community. We are located in suburban Salt Lake County, Utah and provide services to the southeastern half of Salt Lake County, along with all of Utah County, Summit County, Wasatch County, Duchesne County, Uintah County, and parts of Morgan County. We also provide services beyond our contractural boundaries either by performing work in those areas directly or by partnering with placement agencies in those areas.

The single most important aspect of ALL - Wasatch's business model is personal touch. Almost all other placement agencies collect information on an internet-based questionnaire then (1) generate for the client a very long list of possible places to live, (2) provide the client with access to a smart and chipper chat bot with whom to communicate questions, and, (3) maybe, provide access to a human being the client may speak to during regular business hours.

By comparison, ALL - Wasatch handles all communications person to person. Our intake is done either telephonically or in-person. Furthermore, the intake is incorporated into a comprehensive consultation so the client can ask questions or discuss concerns as they arise during the course of the intake conversation. Once intake is completed, we generate a very long list of potential living locations but we do not immediately provide it to the client. Rather, we curate the list to identify those properties that most closely meet the client's unique needs and wants (e.g. one franchisee contacted all facilities on a client list to identify which one or ones had an onsite bridge club because the client so enjoyed playing bridge). We then share the curated list with the client and assist him/her with prioritizing the list. After prioritizing the list, our work really begins.

Unlike other placement agencies, we do not leave the client to arrange tours of facilities, prepare applications for residency, and complete the myriad other tasks necessary to move into a community.

We also maintain a network of professionals who can provide assistance with transactions common to the placement experience. For example, we partner with a realtor who can guarantee sale of the family home with closing to occur within 7 days if the senior needs to access home equity immediately. We also have an on staff elder law attorney who can provide general advice on most circumstances that arise for seniors and can make referral to highly skilled, and not very expensive, private-practice attorneys if the senior needs more help than just general legal advice. We are always adding to this network and we try to "know a guy" for every situation a senior may face during the placement process.


  • Arrange the tours;
  • Transport the client to the tours, if necessary;
  • Attend the tours and ensure the client is provided the information s/he really needs not just what the marketing director wants the client to know;
  • Complete the application for the client;
  • Help the client physically move into the facility; and
  • Perform various post-placement visits to ensure the client is happy with the facility and remains happy with the facility.


The best part of the ALL - Wasatch experience is it costs you nothing. That is correct, we offer all of these services, and myriad more, too numerous and disparate to describe, at absolutely no cost to the senior or family.

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