Aspen Senior Day Center

Aspen Senior Day Center provides caring day services for seniors who need a safe and enjoyable place to spend the day. We love serving seniors and improving their quality of life. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of seniors and their families. We love helping seniors with memory loss enjoy each day with fulfilling activities, a delicious lunch, and opportunities to socialize with others. We also love supporting family caregivers by giving them the respite they need in order to keep providing long-term care at home.

Our services include:

  • Fun social activities
  • Engaging cognitive games
  • Enjoyable arts and crafts
  • Sing-a-longs & musical activities
  • Fun exercise activities
  • Delicious lunches and snacks
  • Personal care assistance
  • Dementia/Alzheimer's care
  • Support group meetings
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Transportation services
  • Medication reminders
  • Respite for family caregivers

The Cognasium Approach

We have fully adopted the Cognasium Approach for seniors. Cognasium means “gymnasium for the brain” or doing those things which help our brains stay as active and healthy as possible. There are four parts to this approach: mental stimulation, physical activity, good nutrition, and active socialization. Many seniors and the elderly stay at home, watch TV and let their brains go dormant. We all know that our brains are like muscles if we don’t use them we can lose them.

Here are the benefits families see in their loved ones:

  • Enhanced positive mood and outlook on life
  • Slowed progression of dementia and memory challenges
  • Improved social and verbal abilities
  • Enhanced memory through reminiscing and socializing
  • Stimulated mental activity through games, puzzles, and crafts
  • Increased physical activity, strength and blood flow
  • Improved art skills and abilities
  • New friends made and enjoyed
  • Increased appetite and nutrition (we all eat better when we eat with others)
  • Boosted self-esteem through the celebration of their life and accomplishments

Just like with school, the more we go the better we do. No senior needs “daycare” but all seniors need mental stimulation, physical activity, good nutrition, and social interaction. At Aspen Senior Day Center we help seniors live life more fully—and quality of life is important to all of us. Yes, an added benefit is the respite we provide to family caregivers who desperately deserve it and need it.

Fun Daily Activities:

  • Socializing - is important for good brain health. It also keeps us from getting lonely and depressed.
  • Cognitive Games - Cognitive Games such as Word Searches, Puzzles, Quirkle, Bingo, Dominoes, Memory, Cranium Crunches, Jenga, Checkers, Uno, Zingo, and Scrabble are all great for challenging our brains.
  • Reminiscing - These discussions elicit memories of “the good ol’ days” and give opportunities for social interaction as memories are shared of lives well lived.
  • Fun Exercise - At Aspen Senior Day Center, fun exercise is a big part of our day. From playing pool, bowling, horseshoes, ring toss, ball toss, scavenger hunts, Sit and Dance, to playing with noodles and balloons, we are always on the move. Physical limitations are forgotten and friendships are formed.
  • Music - One of our favorite parts of the day. Our Sing-Alongs, Name that Tune, and Musical Instruments all bring joy as our seniors sing familiar songs such as ”Shine on Harvest Moon”, “Toot Toot Tootsie”, and “Me and My Gal”.
  • Arts and Crafts - When words fail, our daily art classes have shown us how a work of art can tell a story, express emotion, or recreate a memory in a way nothing else does. Creativity, sensory stimulation, and socialization also occur during this time. It has become one of the highlights of our clients’ day!


Our daily rate is $89 (minimum 3 days per week) which includes participation in all activities, nutritious snacks, and a delicious lunch. Your loved one may attend the center three to five days per week. We also provide transportation for an additional fee based on mileage from the center.

At around $12 per hour, we are the most economical approach to senior care available, even if your loved one is with us every day of the week. In-home care costs $21 to $25 per hour. Assisted Living costs between $2,500 and $6,000 per month depending on the facility and the needs of your loved one. For seniors who want to remain at home but just need a safe and friendly place to go during the day, we are the best solution around!

Like in-home care and assisted living, our services are mostly private pay. Our type of services are not covered by Medicare. However, there is some funding available for those who qualify.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Long-term care insurance – If you have a long-term care insurance policy, it will often pay for in-home care and for adult day care services. Since each policy is unique, please visit with your insurance company to verify coverage. We can help you file your claims.
  • Reverse Mortgages – This type of funding is a good option for many seniors. Many seniors sell their homes to fund assisted living. Reverse mortgages allow you to stay at home but use your equity for our services and more.
  • American Patriot Service Corp. – The Aid and Attendance Pension – The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension (also known as the Veterans Improved Pension) is a federal program that can offer a monthly benefit payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs. APSC Volunteers work with any Veteran, their Surviving Spouse, or family in providing guidance with the benefit application.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs — Aspen Senior Day Center has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs and is now approved and qualified to provide day care services to veterans that qualify for such benefits provided by the Veterans Administration.

At Aspen Senior Day Center we love providing senior day care and have won Best of Utah Valley several years in a row for our outstanding customer service and excellent staff.

Aspen Senior Day Center - Senior Day Care At Its Best!

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