American Patriot Service Corp

American Patriot Service Corp. is a nonprofit corporation established to serve our military veterans and their families. Our personnel have been trained and are well qualified to help Veterans and their surviving spouses who may be entitled to health care and/or pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We believe that Veterans who served our country during a wartime period earned and deserve the benefits to which they are entitled. We will assist any Veteran, surviving spouse and/or their family representative. We provide guidance and assistance during the assessment phase of the VA application process through the VA accredited attorneys and authorized representatives with whom we work.

Outreach: Certified members are authorized to conduct outreach services to raise awareness of veterans’ benefits, particularly the Improved Pension Benefit, and who can qualify. We gladly provide this service to any individual, family, or group of people, and particularly to veterans and surviving spouses of veterans.

Assistance: Our VA Accredited Service Officers and their staff provide the following assistance to help veterans receive the Improved Pension Benefit and other VA benefits.


  • Explain eligibility requirements based on the Department of Veterans Affairs regulations and statutes;
  • Assist through the entire application and claims process; and
  • Assist with annual audits and help keep the veteran qualified year after year.

We are dedicated to serving our Veterans and their surviving spouses. Our mission is to help them understand and apply for VA pension and health care benefits they may be entitled to. We effectively provide information, guidance, and assistance during the entire VA application and assessment process, and annual audits, through VA accredited service officers and attorneys, and other authorized representatives.

APSC does not provide legal or tax service.


There is never a charge for this service, neither to the Veteran nor surviving spouse nor their family members nor any facility in which the Veteran or surviving spouse might be a resident or patient. It is against VA regulations to charge any fee for this service.

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