Alfred Transition Assistant

When a loved one passes away, grieving family and friends are left to locate and settle that person's affairs. This can take days, months, or in some cases, years, and is the last thing they want to be doing.

Alfred helps people organize and share this information ahead of time, so that when that day comes, the transition is much smoother for all involved. We walk people step-by-step through organizing and sharing vital and legacy-preserving information today, so you and your loved ones can feel more confidently prepared tomorrow. A few hours of planning today can save your loved ones months of time and thousands of dollars after you're gone.

Alfred is the world's simplest tool for organizing and sharing vital and legacy-preserving information, trusted by funeral homes, financial advisors, senior living centers and more. We currently offer free consulting to help you set up your plan and understand its security features.

We walk people step-by-step through organizing practical things like:

  • Electronic device passcodes
  • Funeral wishes and pre-plan info
  • Legal information
  • Password information
  • Financial account information
  • Expense and family budgeting information

And legacy preserving items like:

  • Military or government service
  • Memories about friends and family
  • Photo, video, audio, and other media files
  • Journal and family history files
  • Possessions and family heirloom information
  • Charitable giving instructions


One time fee between $199-299 depending on the plan

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