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AKME HOME CARE is where your loved ones are treated like family. We Provide the Finest In-Home Companion Care. AKME's growing success continues to be our bottom-up approach, focusing on those we serve and building a strong team of compassionate caregivers.  

Our Companion Care does not include medical or skilled-care assistance. Rather, it focuses on the often overlooked, yet, equally important activities of daily living (ADLs), eating, dressing, mobility, household chores, personal errands, and other tasks frequently not considered or even taken for granted when considering care for loved ones.

Knowing that quality caregivers are the backbone of our service, there are several qualities that we look for in our caregivers:

  1. Passion- Performs duties with genuine care and concern for seniors. Caregiving is not without challenges or difficulties, but we need people with a true passion for helping others, who are positive, enthusiastic, and happy to serve. 
  2. Compassion - Empathy and the ability to understand and relate to others, their situation, and circumstances. A compassionate caregiver can identify and relate to the pain, fear, and discomfort of those whom they serve and are eager to offer possible relief and comfort. 
  3. Patience and Flexibility - No two days are the same. When situations arise and a senior becomes uncooperative or emotional, caregivers need to offer time and space to defuse potential situations from escalating and rendering further distress to the senior. 
  4. Selflessness - We are all human, but even when tired, stressed, or situations become difficult, caregivers must put the needs of those with whom they serve first to preserve the health and well-being of the senior.
  5. Attentiveness - Caregivers must be attuned to the physical and emotional well-being of the seniors in their care to notice possible changes in mood, health, habits, or to identify potential safety issues or concerns. 
  6. Reliability and trustworthiness - Caregivers need to be dependable and committed to their vocation. Regardless of the time, day, weather, or circumstance, seniors and family depend on caregivers to arrive and help with daily needs. 
  7. Professionalism - We all have difficult days and personal issues, but it is essential that caregivers do not allow personal situations or emotions to affect the mood of the senior or the atmosphere of the home. Professionalism includes separating personal emotion from duties and responsibilities.
  8. Excellent communication skills - Effective communication with seniors, family, and other medical professionals includes speaking in clear and simple terms to ensure everyone is informed of possible changes in the health and well-being of the seniors in their care.
  9. Maintain confidentiality - Caregivers are privy to a great deal of confidential information. It is imperative that caregivers practice discretion to ensure they protect the interest and welfare of the seniors and the household.
  10. Physically fit, healthy, and a strong constitution - Serving as a caregiver can require physical acumen – strength, and stamina to assist seniors in their care with mobility issues, bathing, transferring, and possible exercising. Similarly, caregivers need to be comfortable in caring for wounds, cleaning after accidents, and sanitizing the senior and the living area.

We welcome the opportunity to conduct a FREE in-home Assessment to meet with you, your loved one, observe their residence, and discuss particulars in developing an effective "Care Plan" - a strategy for helping your loved ones ensure continuity of care and services, continued good health, improved quality of life, reduce the need for hospitalization or institutionalization, and enable them to live independently for as long as possible.  With direct input from you, your loved one, and our companion caregivers, a collaborative custom Care Plan will be developed to ensure a shared vision of needs and expectations for the type of care and services are to be rendered and in what frequency. Care Plans are regularly updated and available for review to confirm regular progress.

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