Accessible Systems of Utah

We have 20 years experience and a local team to help you and your family find mobility solutions so you can enjoy your home no matter what. This includes seniors, the handicapped and people with physical disabilities. We have accessibility and mobility solutions that can overcome almost any barrier or challenge. We provide FREE Home Evaluations, medical equipment, installation, and we care about you and your family. Our compassionate team of experts will create customized solutions to fit your home or business. We are fully licensed and insured. Let us show what accessibility looks like - safety and independence for life. Reach out to us and schedule your FREE virtual or in-person consultation today.

Accessible Systems offers:

  • Stairlifts and chairglides
  • Lifts
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Incline lifts
  • Modular ramps
  • Temporary ramps
  • Door openers
  • Bathroom safety
  • Grab bars
  • Superpoles

20 years in the business with a five-star-rated local team. Check out our Google reviews. With excellence, professionalism, compassion, and expertise, we are a family business dedicated to serving your family. Proud to serve in the community and advocate for accessibility and mobility to promote independence at home.

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