Ability Hospice

We are Utah's #1 hospice company. We treat each client of ours like our own family. Our nurses and aides are qualified and trained to take excellent care of your loved ones. We provide support and care for all those who need hospice care. Care is centered on keeping patients comfortable and provide care and support to patients and families when life limiting illnesses no longer responds to curative treatments.

What is Hospice?

Hospice care focuses on those who face a life-limiting illness when a cure is no longer realistic. The approach of Ability Hospice is to help the patient live life as comfortably and fully as possible. It is a family-centered approach with the patient, family and hospice care team making decisions together.

Why Hospice Care?

Choosing hospice care is not a last resort or giving up on life. It does not signify the end of hope; but rather it is a change in focus. It is the hope that as health declines, life will be as comfortable and meaningful as possible. It is knowing that you and your family are well cared for. During this time of life, comfort and dignity are important and hospice care helps to maintain both. Several studies, including the New England Journal of Medicine, report that receiving hospice care improves the lives of patients. With Ability Hospice you are not just a patient, you're family.

What Makes Us Great?

  • Deficiency Free State Survey 
  • Excellent Medicare Rating
  • 5 Star Google Reviews
  • Compassionate, Loving and Caring Staff
  • Excellent Hospice Physicians 


  • Free, In-Home Evaluation
  • Transportation
  • In-Home Skilled Nurse
  • In-Home Health Aide
  • In-Home Spiritual Counselor 
  • In-Home Pain Management
  • In-Home Physician Visits 
  • In-Home Massage Therapy
  • In-Home Music Therapy
  • In-Home Social Worker
  • Bereavement Services
  • In-Home Volunteer Visits

What Options are Available?

Options available should be discussed throughout each stage of an illness to plan the best course of action. Several care options should be considered. All hospices are required to provide certain services, but not all hospice care is the same. The patient and family make the decision as to which hospice service best meets their needs. Early study of the options available allows for better decision-making. 

You and your loved ones have the final decision which hospice company you choose. Some hospitals, doctors, discharge planners and others may make it seem you do not have a choice as to which hospice company you sign with. Choose the company which best meets the needs of you and your loved ones. With Ability Hospice, our healthcare professionals are specifically trained to provide hospice care in your home. Our team loves what they do and brings years of experience. We take the time to listen, answer questions and help with the needs of our patients and their families.

We accept most insurances - call for further details.

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